Aerate, breathe and live!

Grass roots don’t grow in soil, provide life for your grass by allowing the grass to grow in the air spaces between the soils. Compaction from regular play closes up the air spaces until the turf can no longer breathe or drain. Unless this compaction is relieved by regular aeration, the soil will become stagnant and your turf will begin to die.

The Aero-Quick fits either your compact tractor or your turf trickster and weighs only 240Kg, making it light enough for even a 10hp compact tractor to handle. With a full working width of 5 feet (1.5m), it will also cover the tracks of most tractors up to 35hp.

A wide range of attachments are available to suit varying surfaces from Golf Course, Football Pitches, Rugby Pitches, Bowling Greens, Polo Pitches, Agronomists, Hockey Pitches, Synthetic Pitches, Turf Growers, Sports Turf and much more!

Slit Tiners – A wide range of different slitting tines from 5” to 81/2” depths may be used on the Aero-Quick for maximum effectiveness on all types of sports turf. The available tines are;

  • 81/2” outfield
  • 8” outfield
  • 6” Outfield
  • 6” Fine turf
  • 5” fine turf

Hollow Corer – This removes plugs of soil, enabling the ground to expand and de-compact. The air channels created assist with the breaking down of thatch.

Solid Tiner – The round 4” tines spike neat holes in outfield turf which help prevent clay soils cracking in dry weather. Not recommended for use on greens unless well rooted.

Disc Slitter – The continuous slits give maximum air and water absorption, as well as pruning the grass, stimulating vigorous new growth.

NEW Rear roller carrier with rake and brush attachments, allows you to groom and brush pitches for the perfect finish and stripes.

Also available as a retrofit option for earlier machines.

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