The Maxi-Brush is a triple section 18 feet wide brush which can fold down to 6 feet via optional hydraulic folding, offering great versatility for your grass and synthetic turf maintenance work.

Using the Maxi-brush for the brushing of dew is simple and allows you to follow up the brushing with your fairway mower to leave an evenly dispersed cut, without clumps of wet clippings everywhere. This method will help to prevent fungal diseases such as fusarium.

By folding the Maxi-Brush, you can create a six row topdressing brush. Instead of rubbing in the topdressing like conventional metal drag mats, the maxi-brush bristles work the topdressing down between the grass blades right down to the surface. This method prevents scraping of topdressing, multiple passes and damage to the turf.

The Sarel Roller cassettes with rear dew brush fit onto an existing Maxi-brush frame. Allowing you to disperse the dew, enable moisture to reach into the root zone, help to prevent thatch and increase aeration in the turf.

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