These patented vibrating greens rollers have been sold throughout Europe since 1996 and have proven to substantially improve the quality of putting surfaces. They help to create smooth greens and fast green speeds whilst enabling the turf to be mown at a higher height of cut. This results in stronger turf which needs less fertiliser and water to keep it healthy.

A combination of brushing and vibratory rolling for filling your coring holes will settle the topdressing further into the surface of your green, reducing blunting of mower blades which in turn will dramatically reduce down-time and regrinding costs.

Detailed studies have been conducted by turf-grass Universities, which document the increase in greens speed achieved by the use these rollers. The studies also show that lightweight rolling three times a week does not cause compaction or any loss of turf quality. If you wish to obtain a copy of these studies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Unique Patented Design

The Select-A-Vibe rollers are unique, with the following five different levels of adjustable vibration power*.

  1. Establishing new greens
  2. Regular rolling
  3. Pre-competition rolling
  4. Trueing up after aeration
  5. Vibrating in topdressing

This enables you to select the optimum level of vibration to suit your particular type of greens, and the job you wish to do.

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*These suggested power levels are a starting point from which you can experiment and find the optimum settings to suit your greens conditions.