The Greens Groomer Mk 2 offers a 1/3 larger brush/contact area with the turf (6888cm2) than the Greens Groomer Mk 1. The original model became legendary for its patented ‘Triple zig-zag’ brush pattern. The Mk 2 model has expanded on this design to offer a ‘Quadruple zig-zag’ brush pattern, giving unrivalled sand dispersion and topdressing performance.

The big benefit of the Greens Groomer is that instead of rubbing in the topdressing like conventional metal drag mats, the Greens Groomer brush bristles work the topdressing down between the grass blades right down to the surface. This method prevents scraping of topdressing, multiple passes and damage to the turf.

Upgrades / optional extras

  • Front mounted clay pitch Scarifier
  • Rear mounted clay pitch rake
  • Rear rake and brush for rubber crumb filled pitches
  • Extension wings to double the amount of productivity

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