September 2017: Aerate and Brush!

At this time of the year we expect temperatures to be falling and dews to be increasing.

Fusarium seems to be appearing regularly through the year these days with such changes to the climatic conditions, but to avoid using high nitrogen feeds and to keep the surface of the greens as dry as possible, it is important to undertake aeration and removal of dew by brushing, to reduce the chance outbreaks.

If renovation work has gone well there may be even be more time for planning winter project work around the course, hopefully before the leaves begin to come down.

If not, then September is another month that will see renovation and aeration work take place.

A big bonus with the change in climatic conditions is how good September is for over seeding with moisture and good temperatures giving excellent germination.

The use of the Dyna Seeder is a fantastic way to seed but you could also look at doing a double or triple pass with the Sarel Roller units or Thatch-Away to create areas for seed to sit in before topdressing.

Hollow tine aeration Dyna Spiker
Vertidrain type aeration Solid tine AeroQuick
Scarification Scarifier / Thatch-Away
Overseeding Dyna Seeder units
Topdressing Rotary brush / Topdressing brush



August 2017: It’s time to check your topdressing equipment

With the maintenance season approaching it is time to check your topdressing equipment over. Not least important is your topdressing brush!

Brushes do wear with the continual abrasion from topdressing materials and a worn brush will not incorporate dressings efficiently which causes damage to mowers, unsightly greens, impeded green speeds and distressed golfers!

Topdressing brush

Why not spend a few moments checking over your brush to ensure it isn’t badly worn, suffering from broken, flattened, splayed or loose bristles and it is in top form for the best results on your greens.

We have replacement brushes and all spares in stock tor Greens Groomer, ThatchAway, Maxi Brush, Multi Brush and Greens Brush.

Thatch-Away Rotary Brush Blue Cassette

Thatch-Away Topdressing Brush Cassette3

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August 2017: Don’t delay your renovation work

This is a month when lots of golfers go on family holidays. In most parts of the United Kingdom this can be a perfect time to get on with remedial works such as solid tine, micro hollow coring and overseeding.

Recovery from the work you do may take 7 to 10 days in August but, if the work is left until mid to late September, recovery may take 4 to 6 weeks or even longer!

Disturbance to play can be less at this time of the year but not all courses are quiet in August. On a busy golf course renovation work may have to be delayed.

If the work is completed in August grass will be stronger with a quicker recovery and there will be less need for major work to take place later in the year when recovery might be poor.

There should always be a reason for all that you include in your program.

Do not just do work because you always do or always have done. Use the correct tools to do the job quickly with minimal disturbance.

Compaction problems Tine or slitting
Too much surface organic matter Micro Hollow tine or scarifier
The wrong type of grass Scarification and over seed
Poor water retention Surfactants or products to retain moisture and increase CEC
Poor drainage Improve percolation

If so you may decide to include:

Hollow tine aeration Dyna Spiker
Vertidrain type aeration Solid tine Aero Quick
Scarification Scarifier / Thatch-Away
Overseeding Dyna Seeder units
Topdressing Rotary Brush / Topdressing Brush


Improve oxygen and movement of soil biology and microbial populations by keeping surfaces open with light aeration via regular Star Slitting and Sarel Rolling.

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