If you’re waiting for next year’s budget to consider replacing your Thatch-Aways with a brand new Supa-System set, it would pay you to think again. But be quick…

Throughout September (and for one month only) GreenTek is currently running an amazing offer where you can trade in your old Thatch-Aways and upgrade to a brand new Supa-System set for just £4,200 (normal RRP for Thatch-Aways is £6,890).

That’s an amazing saving of £2,690! Almost unheard at this level of spending.

Imagine telling your Committee that their Club can have brand new Supa-System Thatch-Aways 40% cheaper than the normal price by trading in your old Thatch-Aways, whatever their age or condition!

That’s the very latest specification Thatch-Aways with the renowned Supa-System for only £4,200.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?

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The current heat wave we’re experiencing, interspersed with occasional showers, should enable an early start for autumn maintenance work and produce excellent results. Here are three time-saving ways to get your jobs done quicker, easier and with less manpower:

Scarifying at triple speed


Fit the deeper working Scarifier Cassettes into your Thatch-Away Supa-System, and use your Greens Triple Mower to drastically cut down on the time and effort involved in this task, with minimum clear up afterwards.

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Brush in topdressing evenly


The Thatch-Away Supa-System Topdressing Brush Cassettes follow the contours of your greens to quickly and evenly disperse your topdressing.

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Quickly restore a smooth surface


Use the True Surface Select-A-Vibe Rollers to true up your greens mid week, speed them up for competitions, and smooth away the tell-tale signs of autumn renovation work.

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JULY 2016

We’ve just had the summer solstice and temperatures are expected to rise this week, so expect to see warmer soil temperatures and harder greens soon. Luckily simple measures can be taken to prevent your greens from becoming sealed and your grass seed from dying. Here’s GreenTek’s top tips to save you time and effort when maintaining your healthy greens.

Stop your greens becoming hard or sealed this summer


Spike the surface of your greens regularly before they get hard or sealed to allow dew and rain to filter through, leaving you with a good firm surface that drains freely and watered roots. Sarel Rollers are ideal for this, producing thousands of holes across the greens. They are available as Thatch-Away Supa-System Cassettes, or tractor-mounted versions either 5ft wide or the new 18ft wide hydraulically folding model.

Watch this video to see a Sarel Roller in action.

Overseed discreetly and your golfers won’t even notice


Now that soil temperatures are rising, give your seed the best chance of germinating with the ultra discreet Dyna-Seeder. Overseeding with your Triple Mower won’t upset your members as they won’t even realise you’re doing it! Dyna-Seeder’s super precise mechanism has a fast spread rate of 2g per square metre.

Watch this video to see the Dyna-Seeder in action.

Make top dressing easy with the Easy Load Trailer


Speed up your topdressing dramatically and get your greens back in play quicker. Use this highly functional Easy-Load trailer and you’ll get the job done quicker, freeing up your time to get on with other important tasks. This eliminates manual handling which also supports important Health & Safety objectives. Equipped with a dual purpose tail gate and loading chute as standard, you’ll find this three-tonne Easy Load great for all your tipping jobs.

Watch this video to see the Easy Load Trailer in action.


JUNE 2016

Following a wet spring we’ve had some surprisingly hot weather recently with glorious wall-to-wall sunshine. In the south especially this has resulted in rapid growth on the greens which will now need managing to keep green speeds acceptable. If the hot spell continues the greens will start to dry out, making the need for good aeration crucial before the surface becomes too hard. Northern areas will be seeing a more manageable growth on the greens at this stage, along with the annual seed head problem!

Here’s our advice on how you can cope with these regional variations in growth:

Aerate your greens and keep your roots irrigated


Spike the surface of your greens to allow dew and rain to filter through, leaving you with an open surface that drains freely. Sarel Rollers, producing thousands of holes across the greens, are available as Thatch-Away Supa-System Cassettes, or tractor-mounted versions either 5ft wide or the new 18ft wide hydraulically folding model.

Watch this video to see a Sarel Roller in action.

Control growth and seed heads with the Poa Buster


When the greens become lush with rapid growth and poa starts to seed, it’s crucial that you don’t create slits in the greens for seed heads to fall into. Swap your Verticutter cassettes for the Poa Buster cassettes to help prevent this. Poa Buster cassettes will thin out excess growth and remove and collect loose seed heads, without marking the greens, boxing them off to prevent re-germination. The result – smooth, clean greens where the ball rolls faster and truer. Find out more

Smooth and speed up your greens for competitions


Another great way to give your greens a true surface is with the True Surface Select-A-Vibe roller. These vibrating greens rollers create smoother, faster greens – great for competitions – and are safe and easy to use with your triple mower.

Watch this short video to see how these rollers were used to prepare for a major competition.