Avoid damage to your turf!

Planning the use for Ground-Guards can save you from ruining your precious turf. With the extra safety that Ground-Guards provide, you could also save someone from having a serious accident.

Due to the indestructability, eco-friendly-ness and speedy application, Ground-Guards have quickly become established as an industry standard on sites globally. The boards are guaranteed unbreakable for vehicles up to 120 tonnes, which makes them ideal for manoeuvring heavy equipment around a site, with minimal damage to the turf.

Ground-Guards are available for sale or hire, are light weight and quick to lay, are convenient to transport and move with the use of the Handy Hook, can be joined with a wide selection of clip joiners to suit all types of applications. Ground-Guards are also available in a variety of tread patterns to suit your site, function or events needs.

Ground-Guards ground protection solutions are used across a wide spectrum of industries, including, construction, civil engineering, mining, drilling, landscaping, golf courses, sports field maintenance, events, holiday home parks, heritage sites and many more!

To view the range of Ground-Guard ground protection solutions products, please visit our Ground-Guards site by clicking here.