Rick’s Tips: Give your Thatch-Aways some TLC

Spring is here already!

The grass is growing, trees are budding. Are you prepared?

Make sure your machines are serviced and ready, your greens mown, bunkers in good shape, the buggy tracks all looking good etc…

Don’t forget to give your Thatch-Aways a bit of TLC too!

They will have another hard year ahead, verticutting, scarifying, spiking and brushing to name a few things you may be doing with them!

Thatch-Aways spend most of their time working in the ground where the materials they come into contact with tend to be abrasive, causing wear to blades and tines.

So make sure you check your blades, tines, brushes, bearings and all the wearing components.

Replace them if necessary and your Thatch-Aways will then be ready for the new season!


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