Rick’s Tips: Get your equipment ready for the new season

Are your GreenTek machines ready for the start of a busy new season?

The grass hasn’t really stopped growing this winter and many courses are mowing; we’ve even had reports of seeding and verticutting happening as well!

To keep your course looking its best, you will need to make sure your equipment is performing at its best too.

Have a look at your blades, tines, reel bearings and roller bearings and check for any other worn or damaged parts that might need replacing before the season starts.

Check all the nuts and bolts are tight, grease the bearings and oil moving parts as it says in the manual, which can now be accessed online if you can’t find yours!

Worn blades and tines are ineffective as they do not reach the depth required to do the task they are designed to do. They can eventually wear thin and break, leaving debris on the green that could cause expensive damage your mowers.

For more advice contact me on 0113 267 6000 or spares@greentek.uk.com.

Click here to download spare parts and operators manuals.

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