Rick’s Tips: Special Offer on new Sarel Roller tines!

In these hot, dry and sunny days we are enjoying, your greens may not be enjoying it just so much!

They need regularly spiking to decompact them and help them absorb moisture and nutrients.

For many years GreenTek Sarel Rollers have saved the lives of your greens, but even some of them are getting a little tired now! Did you know you can easily replace the spikes on them?

Why not rejuvenate them with a new set of spikes to increase their penetration depth. This will ensure they are working at their best to preserve your greens.

New tines have a sharp point which helps the tine enter the green better without damaging like an old worn rounded tine will.

A new tine has 35mm length when measured from the drum, so make sure you check yours out.


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