Rick’s Tips: Prepare your Dynamics Units for greens maintenance work

It will soon be time to get your DynaSeeders, DynaCorers and DynaSpikers out!

Time for spring aeration, overseeding as the soil warms up, and solid tining to help air and water exchange.

Is your kit all ready to go?


Clean them over carefully. Use compressed air to clean seeders as water can cause old seed to swell and clog, do not use pressure washers!

Check the seeder blades for wear. Will they penetrate deep enough and clean enough for good germination? Are the dosing shaft drive wheels worn? Are there any bearings to change?

Finally, calibrate them and you are ready to go overseeding!


Clean them carefully using compressed air and low pressure water if required.

Check tines for wear. Worn tines will not work at the depth needed for aeration, coring or thatch removal.

Check all nuts and bolts are tight, inspect the rubber tine mounts for cracks and splits and have a look for any worn bearings and replace. Set your depth and they are ready to use!


Clean with compressed air or low pressure water. Check for wear on the blades to ensure you will achieve the spiking depth you require.

Inspect bearings for wear and replace if needed. Set the working depth and go spiking!


A word of caution…

Observe good safety practices and use appropriate PPE when using compressed air.



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