Have you seen the severe rain and flood forecasts?

Do you suffer from flooded bunkers? GreenTek have the solution!

The GreenTek Bunker Drainer pump!

Powerful, portable, lightweight, non priming, high performance pump, ideal for pumping out those flooded bunkers and puddles!

  • Reliable 5HP Honda engine
  • 2” high capacity dirty water pump
  • Designed for working in sandy or gritty water
  • Powered by 5m flexible drive shaft straight from the engine
  • No cumbersome suction hose needed
  • Requires no priming!
  • Complete with ‘lay flat’ discharge hose

Simply start the engine, lower the pump head into the water and stand back!

(PS, don’t forget to connect the easy to handle ‘lay flat’ discharge hose!)


Bunker Drainer


Bunker Drainer