New Thatch-Away Distributor for North America

The Thatch-Away Supa-System has helped Superintendents to improve the health, firmness and consistency on thousands of golf greens throughout the USA and Canada.

Now, the appointment of Redexim Turf Products as North American Distributors gives golf clubs even easier access to this line of equipment.

Compatible with all popular brands for greens triplex, the line includes the legendary Thatch-Away Supa-System verticutting heads, plus 11 additional sets of interchangeable cassettes.

Cassettes can be swapped in just minutes, and include:

  • Fine Grass Verticutters
  • Scarifiers
  • Groomers
  • Deep slicers
  • Greens Spikers
  • Star Slitters
  • Rotary Brushes – soft and firm
  • Topdressing brushes
  • Greens rollers
  • Bermuda Tamers