Thatch-Away Supa-System fitting kit for Toro Tri-Flex 3400


Fitting kits for the Thatch-Away Supa-System on the Toro Tri-Flex 3400 are now available

The new Toro Tri-Flex 3400 is a highly sophisticated greens mower with a unique and highly flexible mowing heads mounting system.  The new Thatch-Away fitting kit connects directly to the mowers quick-change attachment system, enabling you to change between mowing heads and Thatch-Away units in just minutes, and without using any tools.  The Tri-Flex pictured above is seen with the Thatch-Away Supa-System complete with Set-By-Feel height adjusters.

For further details on how to fit your existing Thatch-Away’s onto the new Tri-Flex please call 0113 267 7000 and speak to Stuart Hutchins or Alan Oliver or email